Project 52: Beauty

Beauty can be displayed in so many ways.  There is nothing like the true beauty of kids playing with bubbles and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Is it possible to not smile when you see bubbles?

0S7A0591 copy

I am finally caught up!  Now to get back into the routine of weekly posts.  Check back later this week for this week’s post of light.


Project 52: Landscape

It is finally that beautiful time here in Wisconsin.  The trees are getting their leaves, the lakes are thawed and we have sun to enjoy!  I have been out on the paddle board almost every day trying to soak it all in.  Here is the landscape shot for the week that was taken on our lake.  You can almost see the peace and quiet of the area.

IMG_2829 (1)

If you would like to join in on the challenge, you can find it here.

Project 52: Soft

I am back to playing catch up on the photo challenge.  Eventually, I hope to be back to posting once a week!  Everyone, meet Sammi.  She is my aunt and uncle’s new family member.  Is there a better way to celebrate getting a cute pup than with a photoshoot?  By the way, she is very soft.

0S7A9315 copy

Just look at that face!  How could she not make you smile?  Check back this week for the next two posts to catch up!

Project 52: Silhouette

The lighting at Miller Park makes for an interesting environment to shoot in.  I grabbed this silhouette shot during batting practice.  I will have to experiment more with silhouettes this season!

IMG_1039 copy

I am planning on stepping away from baseball photos for this week’s post!  Check back later this week for my feature of “soft.”