Bluejacks vs Hatchets Hockey

I was able to shoot some hockey back on January 9th and it reminded me how much I love shooting it!  Here are some of the photos from the Wausau East/ Merrill vs Tomahawk game.  It was a pretty good game to watch and shoot.


Golden Hour

Yesterday, we had some weird weather in northern Wisconsin.  We started out above freezing with rain all night.  Then it quickly switched over to snow and caused some flash freezing.  It made for bad road conditions, but it was perfect for pictures.  Especially during the golden hour this evening.  I just love how the colors turned out in these!

It may be cold, but getting photos like these helps me survive the winter months!

Project 52: Week 1

I was inspired to do the 52 photo challenge for the year of 2018.  It consists of taking one photo a week that is based on the weekly theme.  This will be a fun project to complete and improve my photo skills with!  Week one is fresh start, so I decided to take this photo to show moving forward into a fresh start.

IMG_5169 copy

Join in with me throughout the year on this adventure.  Here are our themes for each week:


Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a wonderful new year!  December was a little crazy, so I am starting to go through photos I took during the month, now.  Here are a few from the last time the temperature here was in the double digits.

I have found it is hard to get out and take photos when it is so cold, so I am hoping for a little warmup soon!

Also, for 2018, I am taking part in the 52 challenge.  This consists of taking a photo a week for the year!  Follow or join in with me as I share the challenge with you.  Always remember, keep shooting!


When Life Gives You Snow…

When life gives you snow, you find locations that make the snow look absolutely beautiful.  I stopped by one of my favorite spots on my way home yesterday to see what it looked like and it was stunning.  I ran home to grab my camera and head back.  On my way, I found this first spot leading to the lake.

IMG_4358 copy

After snapping this shot, I moved on to the main destination; the Prairie River.  This spot during the summer is always so peaceful.  Luckily, the river wasn’t completely froze over, so you could hear that peaceful running water sound.  I started by shooting from the bridge.  It is on a quiet road, so I didn’t have to worry about traffic, however, I decided I wanted to get closer, so through the foot of snow I went.

IMG_4436copy copy

I was able to grab this shot while I was cutting through the woods to the river.  There is just something so beautiful about a swamp area in the winter.  It is peaceful, quiet and refreshing thanks to the freshly fallen and untouched snow.

IMG_4402copy copy

While wandering through here, I saw that a deer had made it through the snow before I did, so I followed the trail to see if it would lead me to some good spots.  Luckily, it did! Now I had to be careful to determine where the land ended and the water began.  With all of the snow and ice starting to form, it was really hard to tell, so I had to work with the areas that were safe.

IMG_4409copy copy

I went off the deer trail and a little farther down the river in hopes of capturing a different angle of the river.  Once again, I found a safe spot to stand for a little different look.

IMG_4425copy copy

With my boots filling with snow and my hands beginning to freeze (I may have forgotten my gloves), I decided it was time to head back to the car.  When I was back to the road, I decided to grab one last shot from the bridge.  Pure serenity.

IMG_4438copy copy

Top moments from MLB season 2017: #1

Here it is.  The moment you have all been waiting for, my favorite moment of the 2017 season.  Let’s go back to May 14th, Mother’s Day.  The players wore pink all weekend to honor moms everywhere.  The Brewers were down by six runs through five and a half innings of the game and that is when the offense started to show up and chip away at the deficit.  They went into the bottom of the 8th inning down 9-6, running out of time to make a comeback.  What perfect timing for the Brewers to put together the best inning of offense that I can remember this season.  The Brewers were down by one run when Manny Pina came up to bat.

IMG_4939 copy

He connected with one and sent it out of the park to complete the ultimate comeback.  His pure and raw emotion in celebration as he ran the bases is still clear in my mind to this day.

The whole team was fired up and this comeback taught us that we should never give up on the team no matter how far behind they may be. Everyone loves a good comeback, you just have to keep the faith!

Corey Knebel locked down the game in the ninth to hold on to that amazing comeback and cement the game as one of the best in year in fan’s minds.

I hope you have enjoyed this look back on MLB season.  In just a few months, we will be making a new list of favorite moments and I cannot wait to see what is coming next!