When Life Gives You Snow…

When life gives you snow, you find locations that make the snow look absolutely beautiful.  I stopped by one of my favorite spots on my way home yesterday to see what it looked like and it was stunning.  I ran home to grab my camera and head back.  On my way, I found this first spot leading to the lake.

IMG_4358 copy

After snapping this shot, I moved on to the main destination; the Prairie River.  This spot during the summer is always so peaceful.  Luckily, the river wasn’t completely froze over, so you could hear that peaceful running water sound.  I started by shooting from the bridge.  It is on a quiet road, so I didn’t have to worry about traffic, however, I decided I wanted to get closer, so through the foot of snow I went.

IMG_4436copy copy

I was able to grab this shot while I was cutting through the woods to the river.  There is just something so beautiful about a swamp area in the winter.  It is peaceful, quiet and refreshing thanks to the freshly fallen and untouched snow.

IMG_4402copy copy

While wandering through here, I saw that a deer had made it through the snow before I did, so I followed the trail to see if it would lead me to some good spots.  Luckily, it did! Now I had to be careful to determine where the land ended and the water began.  With all of the snow and ice starting to form, it was really hard to tell, so I had to work with the areas that were safe.

IMG_4409copy copy

I went off the deer trail and a little farther down the river in hopes of capturing a different angle of the river.  Once again, I found a safe spot to stand for a little different look.

IMG_4425copy copy

With my boots filling with snow and my hands beginning to freeze (I may have forgotten my gloves), I decided it was time to head back to the car.  When I was back to the road, I decided to grab one last shot from the bridge.  Pure serenity.

IMG_4438copy copy


Top moments from MLB season 2017: #1

Here it is.  The moment you have all been waiting for, my favorite moment of the 2017 season.  Let’s go back to May 14th, Mother’s Day.  The players wore pink all weekend to honor moms everywhere.  The Brewers were down by six runs through five and a half innings of the game and that is when the offense started to show up and chip away at the deficit.  They went into the bottom of the 8th inning down 9-6, running out of time to make a comeback.  What perfect timing for the Brewers to put together the best inning of offense that I can remember this season.  The Brewers were down by one run when Manny Pina came up to bat.

IMG_4939 copy

He connected with one and sent it out of the park to complete the ultimate comeback.  His pure and raw emotion in celebration as he ran the bases is still clear in my mind to this day.

The whole team was fired up and this comeback taught us that we should never give up on the team no matter how far behind they may be. Everyone loves a good comeback, you just have to keep the faith!

Corey Knebel locked down the game in the ninth to hold on to that amazing comeback and cement the game as one of the best in year in fan’s minds.

I hope you have enjoyed this look back on MLB season.  In just a few months, we will be making a new list of favorite moments and I cannot wait to see what is coming next!


Top moments from MLB season 2017: #2

You may recognize one of the photos from this amazing moment from the photo countdown!  Big game, playoff hopes, division rival and a walk-off home run made this moment amazing.  This game was a back and forth game that ended up going into extra innings.  The Brewers gave up the lead in the top of the 10th inning, so they had to produce in the bottom of the inning to keep the game going.  Travis Shaw launched the ball out of the park to walk it off against the Cubs and celebration followed.

IMG_4285 copy

The atmosphere was absolutely crazy as Shaw rounded third and headed home to be greeted by his teammates.

IMG_4288 copy

All of the player’s reactions in these photos tell you just how big of a win this was for the team.

IMG_4295 copy

Want to relive this walk-off?  Check out the video here.


Tomorrow we wrap up the MLB countdowns with my favorite moment of the season.  What do you think it will be?  What was your favorite moment?

Top moments from MLB season 2017: #3

At Home on the Road

IMG_0602 copy

This was my favorite series of the whole season.  As many of you probably know, the Brewers/Marlins series in September was moved from Miami to Milwaukee due to Hurricane Irma hitting Florida.  It was amazing to see everyone come together to make this series possible in Milwaukee with under 48 hours notice.  This series was unique in so many ways.  The Brewers brought some Miami flair to the ballpark by adding special features around the park, complete with a “fish tank.”

The Marlins seemed to have fun given the situation.  The were the home team at an away ballpark.  That does not happen all that often.  Smiles could be seen throughout batting practice and pregame activities.

Before each game, the Brewers played the Marlins lineup video that they use at their home games in Miami, which was a really neat experience.  It was cool to see what a different team uses to open the game.

IMG_0714 copy

The players seemed to be surprised by this little touched and enjoyed seeing it.  Then we got to game time.  Usually I focus on the Crew before every game, because they are the ones that take the field first.  Since the Marlins were the home team, they took the field first, so I focused on them pregame and got some of my favorite images from the season.

Then it was time for the home team to take the field!  They were greeted with each pitcher’s music and their walkup songs when they came up to bat.

It was a unique and very memorable experience, which is why it was my favorite series of the season.


Check back tomorrow for moment 2!

Top moments from MLB season 2017: #4

The Brewers were looking to stay in the playoff race at the end of August and they had a huge series against a division rival, the Cardinals.  It had been a close game and came down to the 9th inning.  Randal Grichuk hit one that went all the way back to the wall.  Keon Broxton timed the perfect leap to rob the home run that would have put the Cardinals in the league leading to an exciting win for the Crew.  As you can tell, Keon was pumped!

Of course Keon was interviewed by TV post game which lead to some on camera gatorade showers from an excited team looking to clinch a playoff spot.  What an atmosphere!


Check back tomorrow for moment #3!

Top moments from MLB season 2017: #5

The special jerseys brought the Brewers some luck over the course of the season.  Father’s Day was a big day for Jimmy Nelson as he threw his first complete game.  As expected, the Brewers celebrated his accomplishment.  Before his interview, Nelson was shaking his head at the dugout telling them not to dump anything on him.  As you can tell, they listened well!

IMG_6115 copy

After the gatorade shower, he received a sunflower seed shower from Keon Broxton.

IMG_6129 copy

Now that is one heck of a way to celebrate your first complete game!


Moment 4 is coming at you tomorrow!

Top moments from MLB season 2017: 6

Clayton.  Kershaw.  My favorite pitcher in the league.  I finally got the chance to see him pitch at Miller Park and the chance to take photos of him to top it off.  The game did not disappoint.  I was able to grab some shots of him while he was throwing in the pen before the game.

IMG_0623 copy

This moment is on the countdown mainly because I have been trying to catch a game with him pitching for years and it has never worked out until this year.  You may have spotted the following photo on MLB’s social media.

IMG_0678 copy

You can’t beat a beautiful summer day watching your favorite pitcher throw.

Check back tomorrow for moment 5!