Top photos from MLB season 2017: #13

Celebrations when Gatorade coolers are dumped are some of the most fun to shoot!

13 KeonSplash

This was from the game against the Cardinals at the end of August.  Keon Broxton robbed Randal Grichuk’s home run in the 9th inning to secure the win for the Brewers.  It was a catch that helped in keeping the Brewers in the play off run!

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Top photos from MLB season 2017: #15

Sunday games have such a different vibe than other games.  Sunday is get away day and usually an afternoon game.  The lineups may be different based on a day game being after a night game.  There is no batting practice.  It is a show and go day.  As much as I love BP, I also really love Sunday games.  The lighting is better, the atmosphere is different and you never know what kind of photos you will get without all of the extensive warmups.

15 Bellinger

The Dodgers were one of may favorite teams to shoot this year, and this photo helps show you why.  Cody Bellinger, Rookie of the Month for May, stopped mid conversation to smile for this photo and then carried on with the conversation.  I guess you can’t miss a photo opportunity!

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Top photos from MLB season 2017: #16

When you feel like you are lacking creativity, look for shadows.  They can really give a photo an interesting look!

16 GuerraShadow

This photo was shot the night Junior Guerra made his return from his Opening Day injury.  The closer we get to the summer months, the better shadow photos we can find.  I was looking for a way to show he would be coming back that night, but also something different than the typical photo of a player.  I was planning on shooting Guerra warming up in the bullpen from above.  When I got out to the spot, my plan changed thanks to the shadows.

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Top photos from MLB season 2017: #17

Clayton Kershaw has been one of my favorite players for a long time.  There will be more on that at a later date, so stay tuned!  Anyways, being able to shoot him at Miller Park was an awesome moment.

17 KershAuto

This photo may be ranked a little higher because of the player, but I love the lighting in this photo.  It’s not bad for the roof being closed!  Kershaw took the time to sign for a bunch of kids that were waiting for him behind the dugout the day after he pitched.

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Top photos from MLB season 2017: #18

Manny Pina was clutch when it came to comeback home runs this season.  This specific moment was from the game on August 16 against the Pirates.  The Brewers fell behind early in the game, but that didn’t stop Pina’s late game heroics.

18 PinaCelebration

Pina hit a two run home run in the 8th inning to put the Brewers on top, and the celebration started as soon as he started running to first.  I was able to capture his emotion in this photo as he yelled at the dugout on his way around the bases.  You may see him again later in the countdown.

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Top photos from MLB season 2017: #19

Everyone has their own routine to warmup before the game.  Most routines consist of stretching and playing catch.  I watched this special routine happen the night before I captured this photo, so I positioned myself out by left field the next day hoping this would happen again, and it did!

19 HamiltonLeap

As soon as Billy Hamilton ran out to center field and Eugenio Suarez stood close to the line with his back to Hamilton, I knew what was about to happen.  Hamilton ran toward Suarez and ended up leaping over him.  Now that is one way to warmup before the game.

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