7 Reasons Why Shooting Sports is the Best

I have shot portraits, weddings, landscapes and sports just to name a few.  My favorite one out of all of them has been sports.  The following are the 7 reasons why.

#1: There is always action to capture

With all the movement going on during games, there is always something to take photos of.  Even during timeouts, reaction shots are able to be captured.  This helps to show what the emotions were at that exact point of the game.  Similar to how reaction shots are used in films.

#2: Emotions add to the photos

With sports, there are always emotions.  Whether it is excitement from winning a championship, or the disappointment after a loss, the emotion can really make a photo.

#3: Every photo will be different

No sports photo you take, will be the exact same as the other one.  Each moment of the game is different, which helps to create interesting photos with each shot.  The trick is to use the continuous shooting function on the camera.

#4: Delays in the game can make for fun shots

Sometimes games get delayed.  This leads to crazy antics used for entertainment and they also make for good photos.  Check out this video for some rain delay fun.

#5: You don’t have to tell people how to pose

Posing people is one of the hardest things about taking portraits.  Shooting sports avoids having to pose people, unless they come up with poses themselves.  Tips on how to pose people can be found here.

#6: You can capture what people don’t get to see

You may have opportunities to shoot practices or off field activities that people don’t get to see.  These photos help to show all of the work that goes into playing a sport.

#7: There are fun and spontaneous moments that you don’t get to capture when taking portraits

Sporting events have spontaneous moments that sometimes make for the best photos.  They are different from the typical action shots, and show a different side to the game.  There rarely is a dull moment.


What is your favorite thing to photograph?  Share your photos with me on Twitter or Instagram!


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